Improving Your Packaging Equipment Efficiency

8 Benefits From Improving Your Packaging Equipment Efficiency

From multinational giants to small startups, everyone seeks efficiency in their business. By improving the accounts system, project management or even the packaging of certain products, efficiency smoothens the process.

In the case of packaging, it is often the very first thing a potential buyer sees when considering your product. Focusing on this point, everything about your packaging should be just right. If you are dealing with some soap packaging boxes, it should reflect how much input you have invested in making your product a standout.

If your packaging is strong, it is a win-win situation for you among competitors. In order to help you understand the basic benefits that can come your way if you consider improving your packaging equipment efficiency, we have put together the 8 most relevant yet fool-proof benefits for you.

  • Packaging Waste is Reduced
  • Labor Efficiency
  • Packaging Consistency
  • Maintenance Cost is Reduced
  • Added Capacity
  • Return Cust-Downs
  • Reduced Labor Cost
  • Proper Packaging CasesMaking it more relevant and easy to understand;
    1. Say no to packaging waste
    2. Labor efficiency should be in order
    3. Consistency is the key
    4. Maintenance cost is reduced
    5. Capacity is added
    6. Cut down on returns
    7. Labor has cost reduced
    8. Proper packaging cases

    Let’s dig deep into it.

    1.      Say no to packaging waste!

    Reducing packaging waste is a smart starting point towards efficiency. When it comes to equipment, people take it towards the upfront cost. In reality, the reduction of packaging waste directly benefits from saving extra costs.

    For instance, how many hands are involved in taping your Kraft paper boxes? And, how much time does it take? Are you quite sure it is the same amount of tape used in all boxes?

    Think about it. Now, adding efficiency to your equipment means replacing the procedure through a machine. One machine would be responsible for taping all the boxes which in return will save:

    • Time
    • Cost
    • Waste

    Equals to efficiency levelling up by a small improvement.

    2.      Labor efficiency should be in order

    With the proper equipment, your line workers will manage more workload than usual.

    For instance, if the workers are off from the redundant tasks, they’d be more efficient in other activities. However, if you keep them on redundant tasks like taping the boxes, they are more at risk of injuries. In this way, the process becomes slow, and at the end of the day, at least one task is delayed to the next shift.

    3.      Consistency is the key

    Ensure consistency, and you are good to go.

    For example, leveling up your equipment for labeling the bottles create consistency. As the risk of unbalanced and improper labels with time consumption is eliminated. If a person use to label; 100 bottles per day, are you sure all the labels were correctly positioned and there were no time issues? Improving the equipment that can reduce time and create consistency in tasks would be your most valuable asset.

    4.      Maintenance cost is reduced

    How old are your machines?

    The difference between modern equipment’s and old machinery is quite transparent. You might keep your machinery but, it will incur maintenance costs like no other. Plus, the process might be slow as compared to the new equipment which can increase the efficiency in the process of your packaging.

    If you decide to work on improving the equipment for the packaging of your products, the overall maintenance cost will reduce in big numbers.

    5.      Capacity is added

    By adding equipment to your packaging line, you would achieve a higher storage area in your warehouse which means higher capacity production can be attained.

    However, it is not as easy as it seems, when it comes to changing the highland and takes the difficulty to move towards growth. Moreover, as many hands took in packaging the boxes can never be compared to how many can be done by a piece of better equipment. As a smart approach, you can use your labour on a higher level role and get equipment for added capacity in the packaging arena.

    6.      Cut down on returns

    Returns always cost your pennies (dollars for some sake). A charge is continuously there on your:

    • Business Reputation
    • Loyalty
    • Brand Growth
    • Transportation
    • Extra Materials
    • Extra Cost of Labor

    And so many other factors lies in this section of returns. Whereas machinery reduces all these hassles and helps create better packaging. Efficiency? On-spot!

    7.      Labor cost is reduced

    If a piece of equipment is added in the exact area of packaging needed, it reduced your labour cost. The small acts that require consistency should be completely handed over to machinery. You can easily expect accurate functionality from a machine after customizing it to your system. Not to forget, machines perform faster than Homo sapiens.

    Labours in a warehouse need to keep a distance of at least 6 feet apart, which limits the number of hands to be used in the packaging process. Now exchanging the labours to one or two machines would automatically smoothen the task. In this way, labour cost is reduced, and you have much more efficient performance on the same tasks.

    8.      Proper packaging cases

    Is it always evident to the human eye that everything is correct?

    But the machinery is designed for a specific purpose which ensures the quality and end results. It was witnessed that one of the largest companies received complain that their customer received the wrong items in the wrong packaging. It is like receiving lollipops in a package of soaps, completely irrelevant.

    This is a possibility in packaging cases. Sometimes, it is also expected to miss some pieces in the packaging as well. However, turning it towards improvised equipment gives accurate yet reliable results. Considering the packaging cases situation, no chances of errors. Plus, the packaging equipment will not only be used in packing the boxes or so but in also overseeing the right operations and an indirect Quality Assurance.

    Saving work of more than 2-3 labours at once.

    In the End:

    If efficiency is your goal, then improvising your packaging should be on your bucket list.

    Staying ahead of the competitors and working on the betterment of the daily tasks would be a possibility if you consider your packaging as an important aspect of your overall product. Not to mention, it is the very first glimpse of your customer when directed towards your very product.

    We hope you’d understand how much revenue your business can gain by reducing irrelevant costs. There’s always more to it. Stay tuned!



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