About | Packaging Boxes Pro

Packaging Boxes Pro is a family-owned business and has 17 years of experience in making custom packaging boxes. This business was started with the vision to help small and larger scale businesses to provide them with a printing and packaging solutions.

We are based in Lewes, DE and have made our mark in the packaging industry by becoming the leading manufacturer of packaging boxes. We have earned this status by providing the best services despite cut-throat competition in the market.

We consider clients as shareholders in our business which is why we give them a lot of importance. We believe in long-term relationships because packaging requirements are recurring and not for the short term. There are numerous custom packaging suppliers in the market but you have to rely on a supplier who knows your marketing requirements well.

We consider our clients as a part of our family,  we cherish our clients like family members cherish each other, they take care of each other in the hour of need, and they know each other’s requirements.  At Packaging Boxes Pro we ensure that our client receives state-of-the-art customer service and quality packaging. Our packaging reflects our respect and cares for the client in our boxes which not only allures the customers but also shows our care and affection for you.

We offer a diverse range of packaging services tailored precisely to clients’ requirements. Each of our packages is designed with great care to ensure high quality. 

Greener and Safer 

As part of our commitment to preserving the natural eco-environment, we are using eco-friendly material in our boxes which is readily dissolved and decomposed when such boxes are disposed of.  Our eco-friendly packaging is no harm to the natural environment.

We have a Printing Facility

We have a modern printing and designing facility which employs the most recent technology. This technology gives us a competitive edge in the market because the packaging designed here is very noticeable because of the premium quality finishing by our machines. We are also giving special discount offers to our customers from time to time to increase customer loyalty. 

We have special offers and rates for businesses and startups to help them pass their statement to their customers in a way that is absorbed by their hearts.