People are getting more conscious about the preservation of their environment because of the growing concern of climate change.  These concerns also influence consumer purchasing behavior. They want to purchase products that are more environmentally friendly and pose no threat to them. Environmentally friendly packaging is not just a way to sell environment-friendly products but it’s also a way that a company can market its values and ethos.

How Eco-friendly packaging plays a decisive role when it comes to Consumer preference?

Eco-friendly packaging goes with different names; it is also known as sustainable packaging and environmentally friendly packaging. As you know packaging is the first most things that decide the consent of the customer in your favor. They want to be vowed at the packaging boxes that reach their doorsteps. There is no doubt that consumers are interested in the product that is inside the box but at the same time, they are enthralled by overall unboxing experience which in turn enhances the consumer experience.  Customers have a high expectation with the product and eco-friendly product packaging one such solution that only enhances consumer experience but it also tells the customer that the company itself is more concerned about the environment and hour health.

According to research around 75%, customers would prefer to purchase products with Eco-friendly packaging while in another survey 90% of customers discouraged the purchase of the product of a company that is found to be involved in irresponsible practices. Bottom line is that people want to use products but would not like to feel bad to find out that the packaging is not good. It is of paramount importance that you are not only an established quality product provider but you have to prove yourself as a company that cares about the health of the environment

Why your company should be Eco-friendly 

More and more quantities of waste are produced daily and people are well aware of this situation. They are more conscious and aware that it is the packaging of the products that produce more waste and pollute the environment. They will never be impressed by the company that produces waste that threatens the environment in which they are living. Customers will talk negatively about your packaging if it is not environmentally friendly, it will consequently going the overall growth of your customer base but will also result in dropping sales.

People also share a lot of their on social media and one example is the presence of Eco influences on twitter who regularly advocates for the recycled packaging boxes to be introduced so that they may not harm the environment. You will never want to associate the name of your company or product to the discussed openly on social media with the hashtag.

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